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La lutte antivectorielle en France

Didier Fontenille
Christophe Lagneau
Sylvie Lecollinet
et al.

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IRD Department of expertise and valorization and the Expertise collégiale report series

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1The Department of Expertise and Valorization (DEV) of the Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD) is in charge of activities to further the valorization for the benefit of the countries of the South of the results of scientific research projects focused on the relation between humans and their environment in the tropical areas and with the social and economic world.

2The IRD’s collegiate expertise is in this perspective conceived as a form of research valorization, founded on well proven system of methods. The DEV leads and organizes all the constituent stages and guarantees the quality of the entire process, from treatment of the information acquired to publication of the report of the group of experts in the IRD “Expertise collégiale” report series. Nine such reports have been published since 2001:

3J. Marie, P. Morand, H. N’Djim, 2007 – The Niger River’s Future. Paris, IRD Éditions, 288 p.

4M.-L. Beauvais, A. Coléno, H. Jourdan, 2006 – Invasive Species in the New Caledonian Archipelago. Paris, IRD Éditions, 260 p.

5A.-M. Moulin, J. Orfila, J.-F.Schémann, 2006 – Trachoma control in subsaharan Africa. Paris, IRD Éditions, 296 p.

6J. Guézennec, C. Moretti, J.-C. Simon, 2006 – Natural substances in French Polynesia. Paris, IRD Éditions, 302 p.

7M. Francois, R. Moreau, B. Sylvander, 2005 – Organic agriculture in Martinique. Paris, IRD Éditions, 304 p.

8R. Coriveau, B. Philippon, A. Yébakima, 2003 – Dengue in Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guiana. Paris, IRD Éditions, 208 p.

9R. Barre, V. Hernandez, J.-B. Meyer, D. Vinck, 2003 – Scientific diasporas. Paris, IRD Éditions, 198 p.

10A. Samé-Éboko, E. Fondjo, J.-P. Éouzan, 2001 – Grands travaux et maladies à vecteurs au Cameroun. Paris, IRD Éditions, 222 p.

11J.-P. Carmouze, M. Lucotte, A. Boudou, 2001 – Le mercure en Amazonie. Paris, IRD Éditions, 494 p.

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