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Rural societies in the face of climatic and environmental changes in West Africa

Benjamin Sultan
Richard Lalou
Mouftaou Amadou Sanni
et al.

Part II. Impacts of the climate and environmental changes

Chapter 8. The forage constraint in pastoral and agropastoral livestock farming in the Sahel

Adaptation and prospects

Pierre Hiernaux, Mamadou Oumar Diawara, Laurent Kergoat et Éric Mougin

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Introduction: the forage question

The forage question is involved in livestock farming practices in the Sahel and also in research conducted on the improvement of its profitability (Lhoste et al., 1993; Klein et al., 2014), animal husbandry development policies (Zoundi and Hitimana, 2008; CORAF/WECARD, 2010; Krätli et al., 2013) and finally discussion of the future of animal husbandry in the Sahel (Peyre de Fabrègue, 1984; Hesse and Thébaud, 2006; Jullien, 2006; Bassett and Turner, 2007). The availability and quality of forage would seem to be the main constraint for the development of livestock farming, and the constraint for pastoral livestock operations would be the carrying capacity of rangeland (Boudet, 1984; Breman et al., 1984, Le Houérou, 1989). However, at the same time the questions of forage and carrying capacity have been eluded substantially in development projects, as if the solutions were up to the judgements of farmers who, in their practices founded on knowledge that...


Agroecologist, Université Paul-Sabatier (Toulouse III)-Université de Bamako (Mali)

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