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Rural societies in the face of climatic and environmental changes in West Africa

Benjamin Sultan
Richard Lalou
Mouftaou Amadou Sanni
et al.

Part I. Recent and future climate change in West Africa. Obvious features, uncertainties and perceptions


Théo Vischel

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The last report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 2014) confirms with ever-increasing certitude the global warming caused by the increased amounts of greenhouse gases (GHG) and the probable consequences for the environment and societies. In particular, it warns the international community once again of the trend towards a more extreme climate, accompanied by more frequent heat waves and extrem precipitation events. However, strong uncertainty still remains about the form of these changes in the various parts of the world. This limits scope for the reliable addressing of the question of impacts, the vulnerability and adaptation of populations and of the strategies to be set up to face them.

Study of the regional climate in West Africa thus forms part of the major international issues at the hinge point between understanding the evolution of the climate on our planet and the societal challenges for populations and decision makers in order to face up to the global ...

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