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La lutte antivectorielle en France

Disease vector control in France

Chikungunya, dengue, bluetongue disease and others The strong resurgence of insect-vector transmitted diseases over recent years has become a major public health concern, in both human and veterinary spheres. Vector control has the objective of bringing down to a minimum the risks of endemization or epidemization, reducing pathogen transmission by vectors and managing epidemics in a clearly formulated strategic framework.

In 2008 five French ministries commissioned the Institut de rec...

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  • Publisher : IRD Éditions
  • Series : Expertise collégiale
  • Place of publication : Marseille
  • Year of publication : 2009
  • Published on OpenEdition Books : 08 octobre 2013
  • EAN (Print version) : 9782709916677
  • Electronic EAN : 9782709917773
  • DOI : 10.4000/books.irdeditions.1214
  • Number of pages : 533 + 641 (CD-Rom) p.

Première partie. Synthèse et recommandations

Version française

Jean-François Girard

Recommandations générales. Huit grandes priorités

Recommandation prioritaire n° 1

Créer un Centre national d’expertise Vecteurs et risque vectoriel (Cnev)

Recommandation prioritaire n° 2

Redéfinir le cadre juridique et la gouvernance

Recommandation prioritaire n° 3

Préciser les stratégies d’intervention

Recommandation prioritaire n° 4

Évaluer les interventions

Recommandation prioritaire n° 5

Soutenir la recherche

Recommandation prioritaire n° 6

Améliorer la communication

Recommandation prioritaire n° 7

Améliorer la formation

Recommandation prioritaire n° 8

Sortir les services de leur isolement

English Version

Jean-François Girard

General recommendations. Eight great priorities

Priority recommendation n° 1

Create a National Centre of Expertise on Vectors and vector risk (CNEV)

Priority recommendation n° 2

Reset the legal framework and governance

Priority recommendation n° 3

Determine the intervention strategies

Priority recommendation n° 4

Assess the operations conducted

Priority recommendation n° 6

Improve communication

Priority recommendation n° 8

Bring vector control services out of isolation

Seconde partie. Chapitres analytiques

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