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The Resurgence of Sea Piracy in Southeast Asia

Éric Frécon


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Asie du Sud-Est

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1This book is the result of a research programme undertaken by IRASEC which goes together with my doctoral thesis at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris. It has received the support of the French Embassy in Malaysia. Here, I warmly thank Xavier Driencourt, the French Ambassador, as also Gilles Huberson, Chief Counsellor, and Michel Pasquier, Cooperation and Cultural Counsellor.

2I also wish to extend my gratitude to the LVMH group, to Henri-Claude de Bettignies (INSEAD-Stanford) and to the Hachette Foundation whose grants permitted me to make various visits to Southeast Asia.

3I should also thank Jean-Luc Domenach (CERI-Political Sciences), for his confidence, as well as the Terrorism Group (TE) of Interpol and the Centre for Higher Naval Studies (CESM) for their help.

4I wish to extend my gratitude to Sebastien Brunel and also to the Yukulele studio for the maps and drawings and also to the proof-readers of the manuscript for their patience.

© Institut de recherche sur l’Asie du Sud-Est contemporaine, 2008

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