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Informal and Illegal Movement in the Upper Greater Mekong Subregion

Lynn Thiesmeyer


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Import-related Laws of Myanmar and Laos

1 Lao Ministry of Commerce regulations on imports:

2A wide variety of goods is subject to prohibitions and restrictions at import and export under various legislation administered by different Ministries and Departments.

3These goods include products which affect national stability and security, public health, wildlife, endangered species, environment, archeology, artistic, cultural and historical heritage of Laos.

4Import and export of articles of national heritage which include, antiques and artifacts such as Buddha statues and images, bronze drums, spears, swords and bracelets shall be made after the approval of the Ministry of Information and Culture.

5The import and export of other prohibited and restricted goods shall be made after approval of Ministries concerned such as the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Communication, Ministry of Trade and the Prime Minister's office.

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