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INSEP’s editorial policy is part of the development and transmission missions of publishing and dissemination of knowledge and innovative knowledge of the establishment of knowledge assigned to it. It relies on various media (books, audiovisuals, multimedia) to facilitate and promote the editorial creation of the institution.


The staff of INSEP are intended to produce technical, scientific or educational productions on themes related to the institution’s missions, in support of their professional skills. INSEP-Éditions therefore offers readers, reference books, specialized in advanced areas of high-level sport such as high performance, recovery, physical preparation, etc.

INSEP-Éditions is part of the training cluster project:

  • be the Francophone reference for the training of senior sports executives and a key player at the international level;

  • be the French-speaking reference and be present internationally in terms of scientific and technical information (STI) in the field of high performance sport;

  • be the observatory of high level sport practices and professions.

However, in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry, these productions must not be such as to distort competition on the market; they must meet a real need and be compatible with the objective of controlling the running costs of public services.


The publication of specialized books is one of the axes of INSEP’s innovative knowledge and knowledge dissemination strategy.

The works, written by the institution’s executives, alone or with external collaborations, deal with the fields studied and researched at INSEP or in relation to its current concerns.

They are distributed as follows:

  • Current collections:

    • "Savoirs Sciences" develops the popularization of scientific information;

    • "Savoirs d’Experts" deals with knowledge related to the experience;

    • "Savoirs Pratiques" focuses on field experiences;

    • "Savoirs Formation" contributes to the success of the "double project" (ie the search for sports excellence, and the academic, academic or professional success of athletes) and the training of senior sports executives.

    • "eBooks"

    • "Out of collection"

  • Six old collections:

    • "Training"

    • "Education"

    • "Research"

    • "Medicine"

    • "Law - Economics - Management"

    • "Statistics, benchmarks and analyzes"

  • A seventh collection, "Les Cahiers de l’INSEP", published, until 2010, the conferences and debates held during the INSEP Interviews. They are all available on

The editorial collection, created from 1976, includes more than 200 titles.

The current catalog has 80 titles.


The works published by INSEP are primarily intended for actors and leaders of the "world of high-level sport", in the broad sense of the term, that they exercise elective, technical, pedagogical, administrative, managerial...

INSEP-Éditions works meet a collective need not satisfied by private initiative or not covered under good conditions from the point of view of the general interest.


Director of publication

Managing editor

Lucie Vergnes


11, avenue du Tremblay
75012 Paris

+ 33 (0)1 41 74 48 63

Email address


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