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The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies is an institution of research and higher education located in Geneva. The Institute is dedicated to the study of world affairs, with a particular emphasis on the crosscutting fields of international relations and development issues. Since 1927, its mission has been to promote international cooperation by fostering innovative thinking on today’s global challenges. The Institute supports book series and scientific journals in partnership with international publishers. This platform hosts interdisciplinary series that are characteristic of the Institute’s research work, such as International, the Institute’s eBooks and ePapersCahiers genre et développement (forthcoming) and  Genre et développement. Rencontres (forthcoming), as well as the archives of Cahiers de l’IUED.

à la une

Genre, migrations et globalisation de la reproduction sociale

Christine Verschuur and Christine Catarino (ed.)

Les études féministes ont souligné l’importance d’étudier le travail auparavant invisible des femmes, productif et reproductif, et la nouvelle division du travail productif et reproductif dans la mondialisation du capitalisme. L’analyse du capitalisme mondialisé dans une perspective décolonial...

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droit international

Exporting Legality

The Rise and Fall of Extraterritorial Jurisdiction in the Ottoman Empire and China

Mariya Tait Slys

Le développement du droit international : réflexions d’un demi-siècle. Volume I

Théorie générale du droit international

Georges Abi-Saab
Marcelo G. Kohen and Magnus Jesko Langer (ed.)
Science politique

From Communism to Anti-Communism

Photographs from the Boris Souvarine Collection at the Graduate Institute, Geneva

Andre Liebich and Svetlana Yakimovich (ed.)

The Negotiations of a Tax Agreement between Switzerland and Germany

Double Trouble in Double-Level Diplomacy

Misha Nagelmackers-Voinov

The Darfur Refugees’ Plight

Repatriation Challenges for Post-Doha Sudan

Anna Praz

Is there a future for Carbon Capture and Storage in Poland ?

A Socio-political Analysis

Michal Drabik

The Construction of the Maras

Between Politicization and Securitization

Antonia Does
Etudes du développement

Une économie solidaire peut-elle être féministe ?

Homo œconomicus, mulier solidaria

Christine Verschuur, Isabelle Guérin and Isabelle Hillenkamp (ed.)

Genre et religion : des rapports épineux

Illustration à partir des débats sur l’avortement

Ana Amuchástegui, Edith Flores, Evelyn Aldaz et al.

The Darfur Refugees’ Plight

Repatriation Challenges for Post-Doha Sudan

Anna Praz

Indian Villages

Achievements and Alarm Bells, 1952–2012

Gilbert Etienne

Tired of Being a Refugee

Social Identification among Young Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

Fiorella Larissa Erni

Everyday Resistance

Female Headed Households in Northern Sri Lanka

Raksha Vasudevan