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‘Environmental Childlessness?’

Mathilde Krähenbühl


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1First and foremost, I would like to profoundly thank the people who agreed to share their experiences, fears, and hopes with me. Talking about environmental degradation and future potentialities may be particularly challenging, but you generously offered your time and made this project possible. I have tried my best to account for your experiences and complex world views. However, to adequately portray your stories would require a dissertation for each. Thus, I hope this work can act as just a first step towards future exchanges in spaces that allow for complexity to emerge and be attentively heard.

2Secondly, I would like to express gratitude to my thesis supervisor, Professor Shaila Seshia Galvin, for her reliable support and resources. Through your teaching of environmental anthropology, my approach to ‘environmental childlessness’ has been enriched and my interest in the discipline has grown. Your offer to host informal meetings amidst a period of social isolation was also precious.

3I also want to thank my second reader, Professor Yvan Droz, for his challenging comments. Knowledge probably emerges from confrontation with alternative explanations. Alongside other professors at the Graduate Institute, you pushed me to constantly reassess the importance of my research topic.

4Finally, this research would be of lesser quality without the help of my dear classmates and friends, both inside and outside the Graduate Institute. Ongoing exchanges over months were crucial in shaping and enriching my understanding of my interlocutors’ views and the wider context in which they have evolved. Indeed, most of our discussions constituted primary food for thought as we may all, to varying degrees, engage with the question of reproduction in today’s (and beyond) worlds.


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