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From WIPO to Vale do Ribeira and Back

Gabriela Balvedi Pimentel


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1Firstly, I would like to greatly thank the two people that opened the doors for me to enter these fields. Unexpected encounters may change one’s way and I am very thankful to have met both of you.

2I am extremely grateful for all the interlocutors that received me in their houses during this work, as well as for those that shared their time and knowledge with me. There is no way this dissertation will transmit the warmth with which I was received in Vale do Ribeira, but I hope it can somehow testify to the strength and beauty I have found there. I am also very thankful to all my interlocutors at WIPO, for finding time in their tight agendas and wanting to share their perspective for this work. I want to especially thank all of the people I met during the sessions with whom I was able to share ideas.

3To Prof. Shaila Seshia, your suggestions and guidance have been essential to this work. Thank you especially for encouraging me to connect these two worlds: it has been an adventure!

4To Prof. Susanna Hecht, thank you for your time in reading and engaging with this work. I am very glad to have been able to count on your contributions.

5To my dear friends at IHEID, especially to Sam for his valuable comments, thank you for the stimulating exchanges and the heart-warming times spent together.

6To my dearest partner, Luc, thank you for all your support and thought-provoking conversations.

7To my family, thank you for your support throughout this master’s and, especially, during my fieldwork.


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