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Who Cares?

Aatif Somji


To Nanima (1932-2020)

The first of many inspirational women who have helped me develop into the man I am today.

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1Above all, I am grateful to God.

2This research would be nothing without the voices of the women micro-entrepreneurs interviewed in Luwero. I am indebted to them for their time, generosity and openness. The struggles that these women face on a daily basis are truly humbling. I am in awe of their resilience, determination and dedication to provide everything they can for their children – I hope I have been able to accurately portray their stories here. I am very grateful to have had Marion as a companion while in the field: helping me carry out interviews, translating for me, and getting me out of a tricky situation. I would also like to thank all the staff at BRAC Uganda, and particularly the research department, for welcoming me to the team.

3This thesis is the culmination of a wonderful, two-year journey at the Graduate Institute. I am grateful for the friends, classmates and professors who have inspired me along the way: sharing their thoughts and experiences, constructively challenging my preconceived views, providing alternative perspectives, helping me discover what I am most passionate about, and encouraging me to pursue this passion. This pursuit was taken to the next level thanks to the generous support of Professor Lore Vandewalle, who provided me with the unique opportunity to explore my subject in greater detail through field research. I am grateful for her support and invaluable contributions throughout the research process – and look forward to the findings of her study on the same topic with eager anticipation!

4I am privileged to have two loving parents who have always believed in me and encouraged me to follow my dreams. Thank you for providing me with the foundations on which this work was built, for instilling in me a core set of values that motivate this research, and for simply letting me be. I am also blessed to be able to call on a second set of parents for guidance and support. Thank you, Aunty Rahat and Uncle Hassan, for treating me as a son and always being present in my life. To Anna, thank you for being there through all the ups and downs of this journey. Finally, to Papa, who always provided me with unwavering support and encouragement in my pursuit of education – I hope I have made you proud.


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