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eCahiers de l’Institut


Les eCahiers de l'Institut présentent une sélection des meilleurs travaux de jeunes chercheurs, en priorité ceux qui ont reçu des prix académiques dans le cadre de leurs travaux de Master. Elle accueille également des textes de chercheurs confirmés, notamment des leçons inaugurales. Ces ouvrages de moins de 100 pages sont rédigés en français ou en anglais. Ils sont expertisés, retravaillés et édités par des professionnels.
Les études publiées se situent à la croisée du domaine des relations internationales et des études du développement. Ils reposent sur des approches disciplinaires (droit international, histoire internationale, économie internationale, science politique, anthropologie) et interdisciplinaires.
Cette collection s’inscrit dans la continuité de la collection «Etudes et travaux» de l’ancien Institut universitaire de hautes études internationales et de la collection «Itinéraires» de l’ancien Institut universitaire d’études du développement (plus de 120 publications depuis les années 1970).

The Graduate Institute’s ePapers (ePapers) present a selection of the best works of young researchers giving a priority to those who have been awarded academic prizes for their master’s dissertations. They also include the writings of more experienced researchers, notably introductory texts.
These works of less than 100 pages are in English or French. They are assessed, reworked and edited by professionals. The ePapers cut across the fields of international relations and development studies. They are based on both interdisciplinary and disciplinary approaches including international law, international history and politics, international economics, political science, and anthropology.
This collection is a continuation of the “Studies and Works” series of the former Graduate Institute of International Studies and the “Itineraires” series of the former Graduate Institute of Development Studies, which together produced more than 100 publications from the 1970s to the launch of these ePapers.

ISSN (Édition numérique) : 1664-459X

Sitting in the Room with Glissant

Imagining, Relating, and Translating the World

Devarya Srivastava


Where Goes the Neighbourhood?

Refugee Resettlement and Urban Development in a Disempowered City

Chiara Moslow


Back Then It Was Culture, Now It Is Animal Torture

Moral-Phenomenological Milieu of Human-Elephant Entanglements in Kerala

Anu Karippal


Exploring the overshadowed streams of the Red Cross Movement

Endeavour and Motivation within and beyond Japan (1867-1919)

Mayuka Tamura Miyagawa


The Straits Chinese Between Empires

Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism in Colonial Malaya, c.1890-1920

Christian Jones


‘Environmental Childlessness?’

Reproduction and (Im)possible Futures amidst Environmental Crises

Mathilde Krähenbühl


States’ Compliance to International Treaties

Accountability Mechanisms Pertaining to States, IOs and NGOs

Louis Bodmer


Climate Technologies as Emergency Solutions

The role(s) of International Law

Pascal Blickle


The Haralds of Hydrogen

The Economic Sectors Driving the Hydrogen Economy in Europe

Floris Jacobus Adrianus de Klerk Wolters


A Rise in Humanity

Opening lecture of the academic year 2021–2022

Felwine Sarr


Stratified Belonging, Layered Subjectivities

The Complexities of Refugee Integration in Cosmopolitan Berlin

Zong Yao Edison Yap


Climate-Related Financial Risks for Kenyan Banks

An Analysis of Loan Portfolios and GHG Emissions

Reuben Muhindi Wambui


From WIPO to Vale do Ribeira and Back

Global (Dis)connections, Indigenous Knowledges and Narratives of Protection

Gabriela Balvedi Pimentel


Putting the Ontological Back into Ontological Security

Indian Indeterminacy as a Challenge to Selfhood

Meredydd Rix


Too Complex or Too Ambitious?

Exploring Hurdles in the Enforcement of EU Free Trade Agreements

Leopoldo Biffi


The Effect of Foreign Aid on Sub-national Development

A Quantile Regression Approach

Dumebi Ochem


Who Cares?

Addressing Unpaid Care and Domestic Work as a Barrier to Female Microenterprise Development

Aatif Somji


The Drama of Humanitarian Intervention

Unreliable Narration in an Age of (Ab)use of Human Rights

Natalie Joy Marrer


Is there a future for Carbon Capture and Storage in Poland ?

A Socio-political Analysis

Michal Drabik


The Darfur Refugees’ Plight

Repatriation Challenges for Post-Doha Sudan

Anna Praz


The Negotiations of a Tax Agreement between Switzerland and Germany

Double Trouble in Double-Level Diplomacy

Misha Nagelmackers-Voinov


Exporting Legality

The Rise and Fall of Extraterritorial Jurisdiction in the Ottoman Empire and China

Mariya Tait Slys


Solidarity Intervention

An ethnography of nonviolent transnational contention in the West Bank

Monique Jo Beerli


The Construction of the Maras

Between Politicization and Securitization

Antonia Does