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Collapse of the Opposition Inter-Party Coalition in Uganda

Catherine Promise Biira


Texte intégral

1A4C – Activists for Change
CAFFE – Campaign for Free and Fair Elections
CP – Conservative Party
DP – Democratic Party
EC – Electoral Commission
EU – European Union
FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FDC – Forum for Democratic Change
G6 – The Great Six
IPC – Inter Party Cooperation
IPFC – Inter Party Forum for Cooperation
JEEMA – Justice Forum
KIC – Christian Democratic International Centre
NDF – National Democrats Forum
NRA – National Resistance Movement
NRM – National Resistance movement
NRMO – National Resistance Movement Organization
SDP – Social Democratic Party
TFM – The Free Movement
UN – United Nations
UPC – Uganda People’s Congress
US Congress – United States Congress


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