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From Communism to Anti-Communism

Andre Liebich
Svetlana Yakimovich


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1This publication would not have been possible without the dedication of numerous individuals. Andre Liebich, Eugenia Pesci and Svetlana Yakimovich translated texts into English as the need arose. The editors and contributors benefitted from the expertise generously granted by Konstantin Godunov, Boris Kolonitsky, John Riddell and Nina Tumarkin. Invaluable technical assistance was proferred by Claude Aeschlimann. The project was initiated by Marie Caillot and prepared for publication by Catherine Fragniere and Marie Thorndahl with the kind cooperation of Marc Galvin.


Le texte seul est utilisable sous licence CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. Les autres éléments (illustrations, fichiers annexes importés) sont « Tous droits réservés », sauf mention contraire.


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