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From Communism to Anti-Communism

Andre Liebich
Svetlana Yakimovich


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1Adamini A. (1792-1846) Swiss architect active in Russia

2Alexander III (reigned 1881-1894) Russian tsar

3Alliluyeva S. (1926-2011) Stalin’s daughter, Soviet defector

4Annenkov Y. (1889-1974) Russian artist known for book illustrations and portraits

5Aragon L. (1897-1982) French literary figure and prominent French Communist

6Bazhanov B. (1900-1982) Stalin’s personal secretary, defected from the Soviet Union

7Beria L. (1899-1953) longest-lived and most influential of Stalin's secret police chiefs

8Bessedovsky G. (1896-1951) Soviet diplomat and defector

9Bierut B. (1892-1956) Polish Communist leader

10Borel A. (1902-1997) Geneva politician and head of the Institute Foundation Board

11Brune C. (1891-1956) French Minister of the Interior

12B(o)ukharin N. (1888-1938) Bolshevik revolutionary and Soviet politician

13Bulganin N. (1895-1975) Soviet premier after Stalin’s death

14Cachin M. (1869-1958) French communist leader

15Catherine the Great (reigned 1762-1796) Russian tsarina

16Collart Y. (1930-2014) Graduate Institute Secretary-General

17Cot P. (1895-1977) French Radical politician, close to Communist Party

18de Montferrand A. (1786-1858) French architect active in Russia

19de Monzie A. (1876-1947) French politician and scholar

20Denikin A. (1872-1947) White general in Russian Civil War

21Duchacek I. (193-1988) Czechoslovak politician, twice in exile

22Duclos J. (1896-1975) French Communist leader and parliamentarian

23Eisenhower D. (1899-1969) American general and US President (1953-1961)

24Eisenstein S. (1890-1948) eminent Soviet cinematographer

25Evreinov N. (1879-1953) Russian theater personality

26Freymond J. (1911-1998) Swiss political historian, director of Graduate Institute

27Frossard L.-O. (1889-1946) French communist leader

28Glebov-Avilov N. (1887-1937) Bolshevik trade-union leader and Comissar

29Gorbachev M. (1931- …) last President of the Soviet Union

30Gromyko A. (1908-1989) longtime Soviet foreign minister

31Hergé’ (pseudonym of Georges Remi [1907-1983]), author of Tintin

32Hon-Yong P. (1900-1956) North Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs

33Istrati P. (1884-1935) Romanian French language writer, “Gorki of the Balkans”

34Joliot-Curie F. (1900-1958) joint Nobel Chemistry Prize winner, prominent French communist

35Joliot Curie I. (1897-1956), joint Nobel Chemistry Prize winner in 1935

36Josselson M. (1908-1978), head of the Congress for Cultural Freedom (1950-1967)

37Kagan G. (1906-1944) Comintern delegate, Polish then French communist

38Kaganovich L. (1893-1991) head of the construction of the Moscow Metro

39Kalashnikov M. (1919-2013) the inventor of the eponymous machine gun

40Kalinin M. (1875-1946) head of state of RSFSR and then Soviet Union (1919-1946)

41Kamenev L. (1883-1936) prominent Bolshevik and Soviet politician

42Kaplan F. (1890-1918) Socialist Revolutionary, assassination attempt on Lenin

43Kapler A. (1903-1979) Soviet scriptwriter, arrested for relationship with S Alliluyeva

44Kerensky A. (1881-1970) Second Prime Minister of Russian Provisional Government

45Khalturin S. (1857-1882) Russian revolutionary, attempted to assassinate tsar

46Khlebnikov V. (1885-1922) Russian futurist poet and playwright

47Khrushchev N. (1894-1971) Soviet leader after Stalin’s death to 1964

48Kim il Sung (1912-1994) North Korean communist leader for 46 years

49Kolchak A. (1874-1920) White Russian leader in Civil War

50Krikhatsky V. (1877-1942) Russian painter

51Kuusinen O. (1881-1964) Finnish and Soviet communist leader

52Kuskova Y. (1869-1958) Russian reformist politician, in exile after 1922

53Langevin P. (1872-1946) prominent French physicist and, later, PCF member

54Lassalle F. (1824-1865) early German socialist leader

55Lecoeur A. (1911-1992) French Communist leader

56Lenin V. (1870-1924) pseudonym of V. Ulyanov, first Soviet leader

57Levi P. (1883-1930) German Communist and Social Democratic leader

58Liebknecht K. (1871-1919) co-founder of Communist Party of Germany

59Lilina Z. (1882-1929) Bolshevik activist, wife of G. Zinoviev

60Lomonosov M. (1711-1765) Russian polymath

61Lunacharsky A. (1875-1933) Soviet Commissar of Education

62Luxemburg R. (1871-1919) co-founder of Communist Party of Germany

63MacArthur D. (1880-1964) commander of UN forces in Korea

64Malenkov G. (1902-1988) Soviet Communist Party leader and premier after Stalin

65Marconi G. (1874-1937) Italian inventor of radio

66Marty A. (1866-1956) leading French Communist, expelled from Party in 1952

67Mikoyan A. (1895-1978) Old Bolshevik and Soviet politician for many years

68Miliukov P. (1859-1943) Russian liberal politician, foreign minister in 1917

69Mitterand F. (1916-1996) Minister in 4th French Republic and, later, President

70Molotov V. (1890-1986) Old Bolshevik, occupied many prominent posts under Stalin

71Münzenberg W. (1889-1940) German Communist political leader

72Nicolaevsky B. (1887-1966) Menshevik activist and historian

73Peignot C. (1903-1938) French writer and Boris Souvarine’s partner

74Peter the Great (reigned 1682-1725) Russian tsar

75Picasso P. (1881-1973) important artist, joined PCF

76Pinay A. (1891-1994) French conservative Prime Minister in 1952

77Podvoisky N.I. (1880-1948) Russian revolutionary and military leader

78Popov A.S. (1859–1905) Russian physicist, acclaimed in Russia as inventor of radio

79Prokopovich S. (1871-1955) Russian liberal politician and economist, exiled after 1922

80Quarenghi G. (1744-1817) Italian architect, active in Russia

81Radek K. (1885-1939) Internationalist Communist, in Soviet Union after 1917

82Raffalovich A. (1853-1921) Russian state financial agent in London

83Reed J. (1887-1920) American sympathizer of Russian revolution

84Riazanov D. (1876-1938) Marxist theoretician, founder of Marx-Engels Institute

85Ridgway M. (1895-1993) American general, head of allied forces in Europe

86Rimsky-Korsakov N. (1844-1908) Russian composer

87Ripka H. (1895-1958) Czechoslovak politician, twice exiled

88Roosevelt F.D. (1882-1945) President of the United States (1933-1945)

89Rosmer A. (1877-1964) French revolutionary, later opposed to Stalin

90Roy M.N. (1887-1954) Indian Comunist, founder of Indian and Mexican CPs

91Sakharov A. (1921-1989) Soviet physicist, later, human rights activist

92Sartre J.-P. (1905-1980) leading French public intellectual

93Schuman R. (1886-1963) French Prime Minister and a “father” of Europe

94Semashko N.A. (1874-1949) Soviet Commissar for Public Health in 1920s

95Serge V. (1890-1947) Russian revolutionary and writer, later, critic of Stalin

96Shifrin A. (1901-1951) left Menshevik journalist

97Simonov K. (1915-1979) well-known Soviet writer and poet

98Snow E. (1905-1972) American journalist, wrote on Chinese Revolution

99Solzhenitsyn A. (1918-2008) Russian writer, author of “GULAG Archipelago” (1973)

100Stalin, J. (1878-1953) pseudonym of J. Dzhugashvili, Soviet leader for 29 years

101Theremin L. (1896-1983) one of the creators of electronic music

102Thomas A. (1878-1932) French reformist socialist and minister

103Thorez M. (1900-1964) secretary general of the French Communist Party

104Tillon C. (1897-1993) French Communist leader, prominent résistant

105Trotsky L. (1879-1940) Soviet leader, opposed to Stalin

106Uritsky M. (1873-1918) Bolshevik leader, assassinated in August 1918

107Valentinov-Volsky N. (1878-1964) Menshevik, sometime Lenin’s companion

108Vermeersch J. (1910-2001) prominent French Communist, wife of M. Thorez

109Voroshilov K. (1881-1969) Soviet Marshal, Head of Supreme Soviet Presidium

110Vyshinsky A. (1883-1954), Soviet prosecutor, later, Minister of Foreign Affairs

111Wyszyński Stefan (1901-1981) Polish cardinal, Primate of Poland

112Zhdanov A. (1896-1948) Soviet politician, responsible for cultural policy after 1946

113Zhemchuzhina P. (1897-1970) Soviet politician, V. Molotov’s wife, imprisoned under Stalin


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