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From Communism to Anti-Communism

Andre Liebich
Svetlana Yakimovich

The Death of Stalin

À Staline, L’Avant Garde, 11 – 17 March 1953

Alexey Antoshin

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"À Staline", L’Avant Garde, 11 – 17 March 1953. The heading and the framed text on the right read in French : “A Staline. Gloire immortelle. Ses idées vaincront dans le monde entier” – [“To Stalin. Immortal glory. His ideas will win worldwide”].

As its masthead indicates, Avant-garde was the “combat organ” of young workers. It had been founded as a monthly in 1920, at the time of the creation of the French Communist Party by young socialists who were following their elders into what was to become the French Communist Party. After the Second World War it became the weekly of the Republican Youth of France, also mentioned on the masthead, an outgrowth of the Resistance-based efforts to unite all leftist forces. In the immediate post-war period it was the most widely read youth weekly publishing more than two hundred thousand copies.

The popularity of leftist ideas in the country in the late 1940s and early 1950s was associated with a complex socio-economic situation and the difficulties...