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Pashtun Traditions versus Western Perceptions

Cross-Cultural Negotiations in Afghanistan

Cross-cultural interactions take place every day in contemporary Afghanistan between locals and the thousands of foreigners working in the country as diplomats, officials from international organisations and humanitarian aid workers. As their work requires them to interact with Afghans in manifold ways, all foreigners are, at least indirectly, required to negotiate. Karrer’s ePaper sheds light on the cross-cultural issues likely to contribute to the difficulties encountered by the internat...

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Cover An Afghan man passes by a body building center's billboard depicting hollywood action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kabul, 28 February 2003. Since the fall of the Taliban regime, during which the representation of humans was outlawed, commercial bilboards are mushrooming in the Afghan capital. Photo: AFP / Jewel Samad.

  • Editor : Graduate Institute Publications
  • Colección : eCahiers de l’Institut | 16
  • Lugar de edición : Genève
  • Año de edición : 2012
  • Publicación en OpenEdition Books : 04 décembre 2012
  • EAN (publicación papel) : 9782940503100
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  • DOI : 10.4000/books.iheid.536


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