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Aut Dedere, aut Judicare: The Extradite or Prosecute Clause in International Law

Claire Mitchell

Annex 3

Texte intégral

States’ Implementing Legislation

1Sources for this annex include the Amnesty International Report on Universal Jurisdiction, supra note 31; Universal Jurisdiction in Europe: Criminal Prosecutions in Europe since 1990 for war crimes, crimes against humanity, torture and genocide, Redress, 30 June 1999, available at​Universal_jurisdiction.html (accessed 5 August 2007); Universal Jurisdiction in Europe: State of the Art, Human Rights Watch, June 2006, available at​reports/​2006/​ij0606/​index.htm (accessed 5 August 2007); International Committee of the Red Cross, International Humanitarian Law Database of National Implementation, available at​ihl-nat.nsf/​WebALL!OpenView (accessed 5 August 2007); country reports submitted to the Committee against Torture by States parties pursuant to the Convention against Torture, available at​english/​bodies/​cat/​sessions.htm (accessed 5 August 2007); country reports submitted to the Counter Terrorism Committee pursuant to Security Counsel Resolution 1534, available at​sc/​ctc/​ (accessed 5 August 2007); the T.M.C. Asser Institute for International Law, Website of International Humanitarian Law, available at​ (accessed 5 August 2007); and the Comments and information provided to the ILC by States, supranote 10. Details of the various legislation on which this annex is based is available from the writer.


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