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Aut Dedere, aut Judicare: The Extradite or Prosecute Clause in International Law

Claire Mitchell


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1This paper was the result of my studies with the (then) Institut universitaire de hautes études internationales (HEI) in Geneva (now The Graduate Institute) and was submitted as the mémoire for a Diplôme des Etudes Approfondie (D.E.A.) in international law. I would like to thank those at HEI whose enthusiasm and belief in international law as a means to achieve peace and security in this world have provided me with much inspiration. In particular, I would like to thank Professor Andrea Bianchi for his support and encouragement, both in researching and writing this paper and generally in my studies. I would also like to thank Michelle Healy who gave much of her own precious time to provide me with invaluable comments on an earlier draft.

2Finally, I would like to dedicate this paper to Lance Bartholomeusz, whose belief in my latent abilities in international law have meant that I had the courage to return to study international law and have taken me to where I am now.

3Claire Mitchell