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France, Europe and Development Aid. From the Treaties of Rome to the Present Day

Gérard Bossuat
Gordon D. Cummings


Laure Quennouëlle-Corre

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The aim of this symposium was to assess the influence of France and other countries on European development aid policy over the past fifty years; it follows on from a symposium organised by Gérard Bossuat and Marie-Thérèse Bitsch on a similar subject.1 It has been successful in several ways, because much progress has been made in our research. First, the three major phases of European aid have been explained and discussed in line with the changing global context and with the changing power ratios between Member States and aid recipient countries. Second, the importance of people and institutions within the European Commission has been highlighted by many speakers. Finally, the ways in which French and European aid have influenced one another were discussed at length, revealing the breaks and continuities over the medium term.

I. A Refined Chronology of European Development Aid Policy

The division into three periods which has punctuated this symposium – the beginnings of aid, the exten...


Laure Quennouëlle-Corre is a research director at the CNRS-CRH (Centre de recherches historiques). She teaches economic history at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne. Specialising in contemporary financial history, she is more particularly concerned with financial markets, financial regulation and the role of the Ministry for the Economy and Finance in economic life. She co-organises a seminar on the history of that ministry. She is a graduate of the IEP and has a doctorate in history.

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