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France, Europe and Development Aid. From the Treaties of Rome to the Present Day

Gérard Bossuat
Gordon D. Cummings

Statistics on fifty years of European Development Aid

François Pacquement

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In 2005, the Member States of the European Union set themselves the target of spending 0.7% of their GNP on development aid, an exceptional commitment by the standards of the donor community. A quantitative analysis of European aid based on fifty years of statistics will enable us to assess the contribution that the Member States have made through a common European framework of institutions.1

Official Development Assistance is measured by the OECD Development Assistance Committee

Defined in the 1960s, official development assistance (ODA) is measured by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Set up in 1961, the OECD is heir to the OEEC (Organisation for European Economic Cooperation), itself established after World War II to link the United States and the countries receiving aid under the Marshall Plan. Thus, in the beginning, some OECD countries were themselves aid recipients. Today, the organisation is a club in which industrialised countries discuss vario...


François Pacquement heads up the strategy and history unit at the AFD. He has worked in development aid for various institutions, notably at the French Treasury, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Commission. At the AFD, he has worked in the field and at head office, being involved in both operational duties and analytical and strategic functions. A lecturer at Paris I Sorbonne (UFR politics), he is the author of publications on the introduction to development aid and its history, such as: “Financement international du développement – Repères”, Afrique contemporaine, 2011/2 (No 236); “Belles histoires de l’aide – introduction thématique au dossier sur l’histoire de l’aide”, Afrique contemporaine, 2011/2 (No 236); “How development assistance from France and the United Kingdom Has Evolved: Fifty Years on from Decolonisation”, Revue internationale de politique de développement, 2010/1; “Building global policies: development assistance, a source of inspiration?”, Idées pour le débat, IDDRI SciencesPo, 2010/10 (No 05); Mieux gérer la mondialisation ? L’aide au développement, with Aurélien Lechevallier and Jennifer Moreau, éditions Ellipses, 2007.

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