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Trends of Migrant Political Organization in Nigeria

Eghosa E. Osaghae


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1This shall be cited as Selection and Code of Conduct of Eze Igbo Kano Instrument and shall be a part of the Constitution of the Igbo Community Association Kano.


2(1) There shall be a member of the Association to be called and recognized as Eze Igbo Kano, the traditional Head of Igbos, Kano.

3(2) The office or post of Eze is not hereditary but it is open to any financially up-to-date member of the association provided that no member who has not continuously been a member of the Association for at least a period of one year immediately preceding the date of the selection/election etc., shall be eligible for the post of the Eze.


4An Eze is a member of the Association who has been identified, selected, appointed, installed and recognised by Igbos in Kano according to the Igbo tradition and usages.

5The identification, selection and appointment of an Eze :

6(a) shall be done by a joint meeting of the Executive Committee, the Cabinet and the Patrons, subject to ratification by two thirds (2/3) majority votes of members present at a General meeting of the Association specifically summoned for that purpose.


7A person to be an Eze shall :

8(a) Be ordinarily resident in Kano.

9(b) Shall be a member of a registered and financially up-to-date town unit of the Igbo Community Association Kano.

10(c) Be a person with visible means of livelihood.

11(d) Be fluent in Igbo language.

12(e) Be mentally and physically sound.

13(f) Be a person of proven honesty and natural dignity.

14(g) Have good knowledge of Igbo Tradition, Culture and Usages.

15(h) Shall be non-partisan in party politics.

16(i) Shall be a person not below 40 (Forty) years of age.

17(j) Shall be respected by all Igbos in Kano and shall at all times occupy a unique position at the Association’s gatherings and meetings, when invited.

18(k) Shall have prior written consent of his town union in Kano as a condition precedent to his recognition.

19(1) The post of Eze shall rotate, when vacant, among Abia, Anambra, Enugu and Imo States.

20(m) In the event of a state waiving her right to present a candidate for the post of the Eze, the next state shall present her candidate.


21His functions/responsibilities include :

22(a) Acting as the custodian of Culture, Customs and Tradition of Igbos in Kano and advising the Association on such matters.

23(b) Taking steps to reconcile disputing parties in civil matters on his own volition or as may be referred to him by the Executive Committee, Town Unions or any constituted authority.

24(c) Promoting peace and stability in the Igbo Community or any other Community in Kano.

25(d) Performing such other functions as may be assigned and required of him by the Association or other constituted authorities, by virtue of his position, provided that in his acts, he shall be in constant consultation with his Cabinet which shall act in advisory capacity.

26(e) Advising the Association on matters considered to be in the best interest of Igbos in Kano.

27(f) As Eze, he reigns but does not rule.


28(a) There is, established by the Igbo Community Association, a body called ‘Eze’s Cabinet’ who shall be answerable and loyal to the Association and whose duties include advising the Eze on Cultural and Traditional matters, acting for him through the first Chairman of the Cabinet, in his absence.

29(b) Only fit and proper persons, who are financial members of the registered town units of the Association, Kano shall be members of the Eze’s Cabinet.

30(c) No Cabinet member shall be removed unless on a serious case of disloyalty either to the Association, the cabinet or the Eze or on a serious case of misconduct.

31(d) The president in consultation with the Executive Committee shall appoint 4 (four) members from the Executive Committee to serve on the Cabinet, who shall have voting rights with the responsibilities and privileges attached to the membership of the Cabinet. They shall serve for a period of four (4) years, and thereafter shall be replaced.

32(e) Subject to the provision of the Constitution, the Cabinet may make its own rules for the proper administration of the Cabinet.

33(f) Neither the Eze nor a Cabinet member nor any functionary of the Igbo Community Association Kano shall make Public Policy Announcements concerning the Association without prior approval of the Executive.

34(g) The Executive, in consultation with the Cabinet and Patrons may suspend and/or remove any Cabinet member from the Cabinet if the Executive or the Cabinet is of the view that the continued presence of such a member is not in the interest of either the Cabinet or the Association.

35(h) Any aggrieved Cabinet member affected by section (g) above, shall within 60 (Sixty) days of his suspension or removal appeal to the I.C. A. General Meeting, whose decision on the matter shall be final and conclusive.

36(i) A Cabinet member shall cease to be a Cabinet member if and when his town unit for any reason ceases to be a registered member of the Association.

37(j) The President on the advice of the Eze, or the Executive or the Patrons or on his own volition may summon a joint meeting of the Executive, the Cabinet and the Patrons to discuss any urgent/important issue(s) affecting Igbos provided that any decisions at the joint meeting shall be subject to ratification by the General Meeting of the Association.

38(k) A Cabinet member removed from the Cabinet shall surrender his Cabinet Certificate to the Eze within 7 days as from the date of his removal.

39(1) The Association shall reserve the right to notify the General Public of a Cabinet member’s removal from the Cabinet if the affected Cabinet member defaults, neglects or refuses to return his Cabinet Certificate to the Eze within the prescribed period.

40(m) The Executive Committee in consultation with the Eze shall from time to time appoint Cabinet members and may enlarge the membership of the Cabinet in order to reflect fair representation.


41(a) Whenever there are allegations of gross misconduct against the Eze, the Executive Committee, the Cabinet and the Patrons may cause an enquiry to be held in respect of such allegations.

42(b) The Executive in consultation with the Cabinet and Patrons shall meet and choose among their members who are to look into the allegation and make recommendations.

43(c) During the hearing of the allegations, the rules of Natural Justice shall be strictly observed.

44(d) The Association shall not entertain anonymous information/allegation in respect of and against the Eze.

45(e) The finding, order, decision of the general house in any matter regarding the inquiry passed by 2/3 majority votes of the General Meeting of the Association shall be final, conclusive and binding on all Igbos in Kano.


46The Association may suspend or withdraw the recognition of the Eze if :

47(a) The Eze has fallen foul of any of the conditions of his recognition.

48(b) He flouts the provision(s) of the constitution of the Association or the decision(s)/resolution(s) of the general meeting of the Association.

49(c) Allegation of misconduct has been proved against the Eze.

50(d) He is too old, physically or mentally unfit and is incapable of carrying on as the Eze of Igbos in Kano, but is nevertheless unwilling to give up the office/post.


51(a) The Eze while in office shall not be eligible to contest for any elective post in the Association’s Executive Committee.

52(b) When the post of the Eze is vacant for any reason or reasons, the first Chairman of the Cabinet shall perform the duties of the Eze until a new Eze is recognised and installed.

53(c) A Cabinet member shall be eligible to contest for any elective post in the Association’s Executive Committee provided that such a person if a member of his town union and the accredited representative of his town union to the Igbo Community Association.

54(d) In the interest of fair representation of the 4 Igbo speaking States, that make up the Association in Kano, there shall be four Chairmen of the Cabinet to be appointed by the Eze each from Abia, Anambra, Enugu and I mo States provided that the 1st Chairman and the 2nd Chairman shall be appointed from the States other than those from where the Eze and the President of I.C.A. have emerged.


55To ensure discipline within the rank and file of the Association, the following shall be the strict order of precedence and seating arrangement :

56(a) The Eze — the Traditional Head.

57(b) The President — The Administrative Head.

58(c) The Vice-President of I.C.A.

59(d) The Chairman of the Cabinet

60(e) The Chairman of the Patrons

61(f) The General Secretary of I.C.A.


© IFRA-Nigeria, 1994

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