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Infrastructure Development and Urban Facilities in Lagos, 1861-2000

Ayodeji Olukoju

Primary sources

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Dr. Samuel Agbogun, Executive Director (Corporate Planning and Strategy), NEPA Headquarters, Abuja, October 2002.

Professor C.C. Okoro, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Lagos, November and December 2002

Henry Olajide Dixon, former employee of Zarpas, Lagos, August 2001

Professor R.I Salawu, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Lagos, November 2002

Staff of NEPA (in Lagos), Lagos State Water Corporation and the Lagos State Transport Corporation

Commercial drivers and officials of NURTW and NARTO [Only Mr. Ashiru Olowa of Onipanu Chapter and Mr. Saidi Oshodi, Chairman, Oshodi, volunteered their names. The others preferred to be anonymous.] All interviews in August- December 2001

Olalekan Saheed, Assistant Director, Public Relations, NRC, October 2001

Uche Nzeribe, NRC Headquarters, Lagos, August 2001

Pensioners of the Railway Corporation [All interviewees opted for anonymity], August 2001

Tunde Ayodeji, Press and Public Relations Officer, Ministry of Transportation, Lagos, August 2001

S. Ketiku Bajo, University of Lagos (one-time petrol station attendant), January 2003


(National Archives, Ibadan)

CSO Series:

CSO 1/1 vols. 1-53 Correspondence between Governor, Lagos and Foreign/Colonial Office, London, 1880-1905

CSO 26 03291 vols. I-VI “Iju Waterworks”

CSO 26 0627 vol. I “Lagos Town Council Annual Reports, 1921 and 1922”

CSO 26 06467 “Water Supplied to Merchant and H.M. Ships”

CSO 26 09653 vols. I-VI “Lagos-Apapa Ferry Service”

Comcol Series:

Comcol 1 179 vols. I-II “Water Supply - Lagos.”

Comcol 1 206 vols. I, IIA, IIB “Roads in Lagos Township”

Comcol 1 412 “Motor Transport Service (Lagos) Electrical Trackless Bus.”

Comcol 1 474/S.l “One Way Traffic Arrangements - Lagos Township”

Comcol 1 474/S.3 -Motor Accidents - Control of

Comcol 1 739 vol. II “Census 1931: Lagos Colony Population and Statistics.”

Comcol 1 981 vol. I “Anti-Mosquito Campaign, Lagos.”

Comcol 1 1278 “Opening of New Carter Bridge”

Comcol 1 1424 “Lagos Electricity Supply - Bad Debts.”

Comcol 1 1505 “The Waterworks Ordinance.”

Comcol 1 1532 “Street Lighting in Lagos.”

Comcol 1 1550 “J.N. Zarpas & Co. Bus Service in Lagos Municipality.”

Comcol 1 1652 vols. I-V “Omnibus Traffic in Lagos. ”

Comcol 1 2567 “Lagoon Ferry Services”

Comcol 1 2823 “Ijora Power Station.”

Comcol 1 3330/S2 “Licences Under the Electricity Ordinance (Cap 58).”

CP. 44 vol. 4 “Urban Water Supplies.”


Ikediv 6 1030 “Urban Water Supplies (Pipe Borne water) Policy and General

NEWSPAPERS (for various years between 1900 and 2003)

The Comet

Daily Service

Daily Times

New Nigerian

Nigerian Pioneer

Nigerian Tribune

The Punch

West African Pilot

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