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Infrastructure Development and Urban Facilities in Lagos, 1861-2000

Ayodeji Olukoju


Appendix I: Milestones in urban infrastructure development in Lagos, 1861-2001

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11861 Establishment of the British Colony

21896 Commencement of construction of railway terminus at Iddo

31898 Inauguration of Street Lighting

41901 Opening of Carter Bridge

51902 Lagos Island Steam Tramway opened

61907 Successful take-off of W.A. Dawodu’s motor import and repair business

71910 Completion of Iju Waterworks

81911 Extension of municipal boundary to Apapa and Ebute Metta on the mainland

91912 Closure of tramway passenger service

101914 Mrs Obasa establishes Anfani Bus Service, a pioneering effort

111915 Formal inauguration of potable water supply from Iju

121923 Commissioning of the Ijora Power Station

131928 Demise of Anfani Bus Service

141929 Zarpas inaugurates municipal bus service

151933 Reconstruction of Carter Bridge

161943 Capacity of Iju Waterworks upgraded to 6 million gallons per day; Second Trunk Main “B” 24 inches installed

171950 Establishment of the Electricity Corporation of Nigeria (ECN)

181950 Licensing of private power generation for private use

191954 Capacity of Iju Waterworks upgraded to 11 million gallons per day

201956 “Ijora B” Plant commissioned by Queen Elizabeth II

211958 Government take-over of Zarpas, leading to the birth of LMTS

221962 LMTS re-named Lagos City Transport Service

231965 Capacity of Iju Waterworks upgraded to 24 million gallons per day; Third Main “C” 42 inches installed

241967 Creation of Lagos State

251968 Commissioning of hydroelectric power project at Kainji

261970 Construction of Eko Bridge

271972 National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) established by decree

281973 Lagos State Transport Corporation (LSTC) takes over the Lagos City Transport Service (LCTS)

291973 Capacity of Iju Waterworks upgraded to 35 million gallons per day

301975 Completion of Ishasi Waterworks ahead of FESTAC’77

311977 Introduction of “odd and even number” system

321979 Reconstruction of Carter Bridge

331982 Construction of ten mini waterworks; 30 million gallons per day added

341986 Egbin Thermal Power Plant commissioned

351986 Capacity of Iju Waterworks increased from 35 to 45 million gallons per day; Completion of three Mini Waterworks projects

361988 Federal Government inaugurates the Urban Mass Transit Scheme

371991 Third Mainland Bridge commissioned

381991 Adiyan Waterworks completed; 70 million gallons per day added

391991 LMTS revived by Prince Ademola Adeniji-Adele

401992 Commencement of massive expansion of water distribution pipe network; Capacity of Iju Water works dropped to 22 million gallons per day

411998 Commissioning of Lekki and Victoria Island Micro Waterworks; Completion of 800-kilometer pipeline expansion work

421998 Introduction of Private Sector Participation Programme (PSP)

432000 LMTS re-named Lagos Island Transport Authority

442001 Commencement of ENRON power generation

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