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Infrastructure Development and Urban Facilities in Lagos, 1861-2000

Ayodeji Olukoju

List of abbreviations

Texte intégral

1ADCOL Administrator of the Colony

2CMS Church Missionary Society

3COMCOL Commissioner of the Colony

4COLA Cost of Living Allowance

5CSG Chief Secretary to Government

6CSO Chief Secretary’s Office

7DMSS Director of Medical and Sanitary Services

8DPW Director of Public Works

9ECN Electricity Corporation of Nigeria

10FESTAC Festival of Black and African Arts and Culture

11FUMTP Federal Urban Mass Transit Programme

12IPP Independent Power Producers

13IWD Inland Waterways Department

14LEDB Lagos Executive Development Board

15LCTS Lagos City Transport Service

16LITA Lagos Island Transport Authority

17LMTS Lagos Municipal Transport Service

18LSFSC Lagos State Ferry Services Corporation

19LSTC Lagos State Transport Corporation

20LSWC Lagos State Water Corporation

21LTC Lagos Town Council

22NAI National Archives, Ibadan

23NARTO National Association of Road Transport Owners

24NEPA National Electric Power Authority

25NESCO Nigeria Electricity Supply Company

26NJESS Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social Studies

27NRC Nigerian Railway Corporation

28NURTW National Union of Road Transport Workers

29PWD Public Works Department

30VIO Vehicle Inspection Officer

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