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Community Vigilantes in Metropolitan Kano 1985-2005

Rasheed Olaniyi


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1This publication is the outcome of research supported by IFRA under the “Security, Urban Dynamics and Privatisation of the Space in Sub-Saharan African Cities,” programme. I thank Almighty God for the completion of this study. With gratitude, I thank Dr. Gerard Pescheux, the Director of IFRA Ibadan, for his unwavering efforts in conducting the research and in the final publication. I thank Dr. Laurent Fourchard, the former Director of IFRA, for his encouragement and support. Special thanks for Miss Christina Soper who has reviewed and edited the first draft version of this report.

2I appreciate the comments of Malam Ibrahim Muazzam, the Acting Director of the Centre for Research and Documentation (CRD), Kano, on the early draft of this study and his invaluable mentoring. I also thank my research assistants, especially Alhaji Abdulfatai Bello Yarda and Malam Ahmad Muhammad. I am grateful to Dr. (Mrs.) Aisha Abdul Ismail of the Department of Political Science, Bayero University, for providing me with relevant literature.

3I thank my caring wife, Yetunde, Manzoor, and Maryam, who tolerated my absence during the research.

© IFRA-Nigeria, 2005

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