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Nigerian Art Music

Bode Omojola


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1The collection of most of the works discussed in this book was made possible through a grant provided by the French Institute for Research in Africa (IFRA), Ibadan, Nigeria. The grant made it possible for me to travel to different cities in Nigeria as well as to Accra, Ghana to meet and discuss with composers and music teachers as well as to consult music libraries and archives. I am very grateful to Professor Georges Hérault, the Director of IFRA, Ibadan for his support and encouragement.

2My thanks also go to Professor J.H.K. Nketia of the International Centre for African Music and Dance, University of Ghana, who gave me free access to the relevant materials located in his centre; Mr Christopher Oyesiku, Artiste-in-Residence, University of Ibadan and Mrs Femi Oyesiku, Professor Segun Sowunmi and Mr Olaolu Omideyi for releasing the photographs used in this book. In addition, the Oyesikus’ made available to me some of the music scores which I had never seen before and made many useful suggestions.

3I am very grateful to Professor (Mrs) Mosun Omibiyi-Obidike for accepting to write the foreword and for making very useful suggestions and comments. I cannot but thank two of my teachers at Leicester University, England; Mr Anthony Pither and Dr Robert Meikle, whose able guidance helped significantly in developing my knowledge of music theory and analysis as well as practical musicianship.

4I would also like to thank the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Chapell Music Publishing Company for releasing the scores of Fela Sowande’s Folk Symphony and African Suite, respectively.

5I am grateful to those composers with whom I was able to meet and have interesting discussions. Without their works and cooperation this book would not have been written. My gratitude also goes to Mr Christopher Ayodele for copying out some of the music examples.

6Finally, I thank the Almighty God for making this book a reality.

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