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The Comfort of Strangers

Jinmi Adisa


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1This book is based on the experiences of the UN missions to the Great Lakes Region of East and Central Africa in 1995. The impetus for the study began with consultations between Unit I, Technical Cooperation Division (TCD), United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS-Habitat) and the International Scientific Committee of the Urban Management Programme (UMP) / Institut Francais de Recherche en Afrique (IFRA, Ibadan, Nigeria).

2I wish to acknowledge the role of Professor Georges Hérault of IFRA, Ibadan, who was a source of inspiration, and the strong support of Mr. Heinz Kull, Officer-in-Charge, Francophone Africa, Arab States, Europe Unit I, TCD, Habitat, without whom this work could not have been completed. Mr. Kull is a remarkable man. I learnt a lot from his integrity, compassion, understanding and deep sense of humility. I also thank other members of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), particularly those in the UNEP-Habitat Relief to Development Continuum Task Force. Dr. Yinka Adebayo, the Programme Officer, Energy Unit, UNEP, Nairobi, deserves special mention for his. concern and assistance.

3Similar thanks go to the members of the International Scientific Committee of UMP/ IFRA for their moral support. In particular, I am grateful to Mr. Alioune Badiane, the Regional Coordinator, UMP, Accra ; Professor Akin Mabogunje, the Chairman of the International Scientific Committee ; Françoise Ngendahayo of UNCHS, Nairobi ; and Mr. Franz Vanderschuren of UMP, Nairobi. The work has also benefited immensely from the contributions of participants at the first Regional Bureau of Africa (RBA) / UNCHS-Habitat Consultation for UNDP Resident Representatives for African Countries in Crisis, which considered my mid-term report. I am indebted to Dr. Wally N’Dow, Assistant Secretary-General, UNCHS-Habitat ; Mr. Sukehiro Hasegawa, UNDP Resident Representative in Kigali ; Ambassador Khan, Special Representative of UN Secretary-General to Rwanda ; Mr. Victor Angelo, UNDP Resident Representative, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania ; Mr. Andres Cavalho, UNDP Resident Representative, a.i. Bujumbura, Burundi ; Ms. Tamba Mary Baldeh, Deputy UNDP Resident Representative, Kampala, Uganda ; Mr. Austin C. Amalu, Assistant Resident Representative, UNDP Kinshasa, Zaire ; Mr. Franklin Cardy, Deputy Assistant Executive Director, Environmental Management Division, UNEP ; members of the HABITAT Working Group on Rwanda : Mr. Alphonse Gombe and Mr. Kibe Muigai ; His Excellency, Mr. J. Bihozagara, the Minister of Rehabilitation and Social Integration (MINIREISO), Kigali, Rwanda ; Ms. Louise Mujijima ; Mr. E. Nsanzumuganwa, Director, Ministry for Rehabilitation and Social Integration, Rwanda ; Mr. Cyprien Gatorano, Director, Ministry of Public Works, Energy and Environment, Rwanda ; Doudou M’Bye, Chief Technical Adviser, RWA/94/010 ; Mrs. Sylvie Lacroux, Shelter and Community Services Section, Habitat ; Mrs. Axumite Gebre-Egziabher, Human Settlements Adviser, Unit II (TCD), Habitat, Mr. Anthony Edwards, Senior Advisor, UNEP, Mr. Daniel Biau, Senior Coordinator, TCD, Habitat and Ms. Sylvia Schollbrock, Programme Management Officer, TCD.

4I also wish to extend my appreciation to individuals and officials who were of help in the various working stations. In Tanzania, the list includes Mr. Swai and Mr. Chikira of the Prime Minister’s Office ; Mr. Doherty, UNHCR Representative, in Tanzania ; Mr. Lloyd Dakin, UNHCR Deputy Representative, Mr. J. Franquin, Acting Head, UNHCR sub-offlce, Ngara ; Mr. G. Garras, Protection Offïcer, UNHCR, Ngara ; Mr. J. Mutash, District Security Offïcer, Ngara ; Brigadier Sylvester Hemedi, Ngara District Commissioner, Major D.S. Kants, Assistant Commissioner, Ngara ; Mr. D. Mwaisella, Refugee Offïcer, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) ; Mr. U.E. Mwangu, MHA Representative, Benaco ; Mr. K.I. Kaganda, MHA Representative, Lukole ; Mr. A.A. Shaio, SSP, Old Ngara ; Major L.E. Naikara, Civil Defence Advisor, The Military Commander, Ngara District ; Custom Officials, Offïcer Commanding Rusumo Bridge Police Border, Ngara citizens and market vendors, the refugees in Benaco, Lumashi, Mushushura and Lukole camps ; Mr. Arelano of the World Food Programme ; Nurse Saliath, Charlene and other field officers of the International Committee of the Red Cross ; ICRC, CARE and CONCERN officiais ; Mr McGerman, UNHCR Environmental Coordinator ; Dr Thane-toe, UNHCR Senior Health Coordinator ; Ms. Zahra Mirghani, UNHCR Nutrional Coordinator ; Ms. Flora Ndolele, UNHCR administrative staff ; and my national consultant, Mr F.P. Madembwe of the Ministry of Agriculture, Dar-es-Salaam.

5Of note also are UNHCR field assistants, especially my good friends, Samuel Nziko Elisha, Msifuna Nganga, Fidelis Makonda, Daniella Ruta, Namdimbi Adweta and Christopher Namphesia. Officials of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) who assisted me with my enquiries include Ms. Eva Rudasingwa, secretariat staff, UNDP ; Mr. Rugabamo, UNDP Humanitarian Offïcer ; Mr. Stephen Ogundipe, UNVR Programme Offïcer ; Mr. Slyvester Sisila and Magnus Montelius Sibelius, environmental programme officers.

6In Uganda, particular mention must be made of Ms. Sarah Norton-Staal, UNHCR Programme Offïcer (Rwandan refugees), Kampala ; Mr. Patrick Kwame, UNHCR Programme Assistant ; Mr. Edward Bullera, Senior Assistant Secretary Refugees, Ministry of Local Government ; Ms. Mutinta Adeline Munyati, UNDP Programme Offïcer ; Margaret Birunke, Mr. E.K. Bahikayo, Camp Commandant and Camp Managers in Oruchinga and Nakivale ; Dr. Razaq Olopoenia, Department of Economies, Makerere University, Kampala ; New Vision correspondents, Hum refugees in Oruchinga, public officials in Mbarara, Ngoma and other areas and officials of the Rwanda Emergency Welfare Foundation.

7Similar thanks go to Mr. Agbenonci, Assistant Resident Representative (programmes) UNDP Bujumbura ; in Burundi : Ms. Genevieve, Head, secretariat staff UNDP, Bujumbura ; Mr. Darius Quenum, PNUD / Continuum, Social Health Worker, Burundi ; Mr. Gemmo Lodesani, Country Director, Programme. Alimentaire Mondial (WFP), Burundi ; Ms. Deborah McWhinney, Programme Coordinator, CARE, Burundi ; William Comlan, Initiative Humanitaire Africaine (IHA), Burundi ; Mr. Paul Stromberg, Public Information Unit, UNHCR, Burundi ; Ms. Salome Some, Chargé des Services Sociaux, UNHCR, Burundi ; Mr Daniel Kigali, Aménagement de Centres Urbaines, Bujumbura ; Mr. Jean Rukankama, Directeur du Cabinet, Ministère de la Réinsertion, Réinstallation des Déplaces et Rapatriés, Burundi ; Hum refugees in various camps, Edmund Munyuwisi, Conseiller au Ministère de la Réinsertion, Réinstallation des Déplaces et Rapatriés du Government du Burundi ; Marie Gabriella de Vita, Coordinateur de Programme, Fonds des Nations Unies pour l’Enfance (UNICEF) and my devoted national consultant, Charles Muvira.

8In Zaire, the list includes Chris Mbum, Esq., International Human Rights Law Group, Coordinator, Zaire Project, Avenue des Acacias Goma, Masumbuko wa Mushawa ; UNICEF Representative, Goma ; Christian Paluku, CONCERN, Goma ; CARE and MSF officials ; Administrative Director, North Kivu Province ; UNHCR officials, especially Roland Bardin and Peter Buchanan of the Logistics Section, Goma ; Godefroid, MOVCON, Goma and refugees in camps, most of whom requested that their names should not be mentioned.

9In Rwanda, I am particularly grateful for the assistance of Mr. Randolph Kent, Coordinator, Department of Humanitarian Affairs, Kigali ; Mr. Urasa, Country Representative UNHCR ; Mr. Khassime Diagne, Executive Assistant to the Country Representative ; officials of the High Commission for Human Rights, Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) and the UN Emergency Relief Association. UNDP staff who were of assistance include : Mr. Cisse, Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP Kigali ; Mr. Patrick Lemieux, UNDP, Kigali ; Ms. Zidi Veronique and Mr. John Cleland, Security Officer, UNDP, Kigali.

10I also wish to express my gratitude to the administrative staff and my colleagues at IFRA and the University of Ibadan ; including Ms. Wunmi Segun and Mrs. De Campos of IFRA, Drs Eghosa Osaghae, Olawale Albert, Gbenga Sunmola as well as Tunde Owoola, Bola Adejugbe, Greg Dibosa, Deacon Ojuade, Reverend Alade and Mr. Gbolagade. Special thanks are due to my assistant, Wuyi Omitoogun, for his support and encouragement. I would also like to thank the translators, Pius Adesanmi, Bolima Nelson and the staff at the Alliance Francaise, Ibadan. Also, the staff of Unit I, TCD, Habitat, must be commended for their moral support, especially Mr. Kull’s secretary, Ms. Anastasia Mbova, Ms. Vesna Dzuverovic and officiais in the Administrative Section including Ms. C. Denoo, Mr. Z. Hague, Mr. Omer, OIC, Division of Administration and others.

11Above all, I thank the Almighty God for His faithfulness.

12Finally, it should be noted that any errors or shortcomings in this work are mine and I assume full responsibility for the ultimate product.

© IFRA-Nigeria, 1995

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