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Gated Neighbourhoods and privatisation of urban security in Ibadan Metropolis

Oluseyi Fabiyi


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1I acknowledge IFRA Ibadan for providing the grant for this study and all the logistics necessary for the publication. Special mention is made of Dr. Gérard Pescheux (IFRA director). I also acknowledge the efforts of Dr Nathalie Paraleieu, with whom I developed the instruments and the research methodology which were used to carry out similar studies in two other African cities ; Johannesburg in RSA and Nairobi in Kenya.

2I also like to acknowledge the field assistants who tirelessly worked hard through the period of conducting the survey, these are Bankole Michael, Tunde Eludoyin, Adebayo Hezekiah.O, Yusuf Ganiyu, Kola Lawal and the driver Mr. Decampos.

3I acknowledge with thanks my family that provides the necessary atmosphere at home to conduct the research and complete the write up.

4Finally I thank the almighty God – the possessor of heavens and the earth that protected and sustained all of us during the course of this study.

© IFRA-Nigeria, 2004

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