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A Dangerous Awakening

Iheanyi M. Enwerem


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No student of modern Nigeria can be oblivious of the ascendancy of religion in the country's political terrain over the last two decades as the two dominant religions — Islam and Christianity — struggle for power in the country. No longer do many Nigerians look at government policies, actions, and the motives behind them from the purview of ethnicity as they used to in the not so distant past. Now, these are largely seen through the lens of religion. This book, a revised version of my doctoral dissertation, is written in the light of this development.

Not since the early 1980s has so much serious attention been given by social scientists, to the role of religion, and the politicization of religion, in contemporary Nigerian politics.1 But most of these studies, with the exception of Amucheazi, Usman, and Laitin, have concentrated on Islam. Besides, they either subsumed religion into ethnic politics or tried to demonstrate that religion was apolitical. While it is true that the border ...

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