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The Frontier States of Western Yorubaland

Biodun Adediran

Notes on orthography

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1The orthography used in this work is that current in Nigeria. Place and personal names are spelt in accordance with this orthography if they do not introduce any confusion; thus, Kéti, Şábę and Ìdáìşà instead of Kétou, Savè and Dassa. However, a few names have been left unchanged where changes may affect identification on current maps; thus Tre (instead of Ìtèrè), Dassa-Zoumé (instead of Igbó-Ìdáìşà); while non-Yorùbá names such as Vedji, Ganyigon, Wese, etc. have also been left unchanged. Personal names of identifiable individuals have also been left unchanged to avoid confusion, thus Mouléro and Igué (instead of Múléró and Igè); while those of historical figures have been changed, thus Babaguidai to Babagídàí, Asheleke to Aşèlèkè to etc.

© IFRA-Nigeria, 1994

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