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Traditional Qur'anic Students in Kano, Nigeria

Hannah Hoechner investigates an educational practice that is widespread in Muslim West Africa. “Traditional” Qur’anic schools, whose students live with their teacher and earn their own livelihood (often through begging), have become the subject of much public concern and anxiety. Hannah Hoechner explores the experience of such Qur’anic students (pl. almajirai; sg. almajiri) in Kano State in northern Nigeria.

The almajirai have attracted attention in the context of increased attempts to...

  • Verlag : IFRA-Nigeria
  • Buchreihe : African Dynamics
  • Erscheinungsort : Ibadan
  • Erscheinungsjahr : 2013
  • Auf OpenEdition Books veröffentlicht : 06 mai 2019
  • EAN (Printversion) : 9791092312003
  • EAN (elektronische Version) : 9791092312522
  • DOI : 10.4000/books.ifra.1425
  • Seitenzahl : 102 p.

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