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Memorialisation Principles, Post-Civil War Reintegration and the Quest for Sustainable Peace in Nigeria

Philip Ademola Olayoku


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1My interest in Nigerian politics developed from my encounters in my father’s little library which were complemented with informal exchanges of continuous learning. My parents have always ensured that I realize the need to engage history in the fairest of ways to avoid a disservice to the upcoming generation. This is definitely a product of this continuous learning. My learning experience with my PhD supervisor, Dr Sola Olorunyomi, helped in teasing out this important aspect of my project. His depth and critical understanding of issues have helped me to explore issues differently, not least his friendship which continuous to stimulate intellectual progress. I also wish to thank Prof. Saheed Aderinto and Dr Senayon Olaoluwa who read the initial drafts of this work and made invaluable comments. Thanks for always allowing me invade your busy schedules. My gratitude goes to the IFRA-Nigeria team for creating an enabling and intellectually stimulating environment for knowledge production. I appreciate the various feedback received from participants at the 2013 TOFAC Annual Conference where the thoughts were first presented and the anonymous reviewers for their critical insights. I wish to thank Mr Temitope Ojo and Miss Toluwanimi Olusegun, my younger colleagues who were responsible for the designs and proofreading of the text respectively. Thanks for always putting friendship before material gains. Being what I am, the responsibility for the content of this text remains mine.

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