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« L’art du faible »

Les migrantes non arabes dans le Grand Beyrouth (Liban)

‎‎ » ‎فنّ‎ ‎الواهي‎ .« ‎المهاجرات‎ ‎الغير‎ ‎عربيات‎ ‎في‎ ‎بيروت‎ ‎الكبرى‎) ‎لبنان‎(‎

In this study I analyse the international migrations as a main characteristic of the contemporary globalization. Being connected to the globalization’s dynamics “ from above” and “from below”, like the other Arabic and Mediterranean metropolises, Beirut is getting more internationalized. Globalizations « from above » and « from below » cross and mix with each other in Beirut’s spaces depending on different degrees of visibility. The non Arab migrants, like Ethiopian, Philippine or Sri Lank...

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Editor's note

Ouvrage publié avec le concours du‎ ministère des Affaires étrangères (DGMDP) et du ‎Centre national de la recherche scientifique (UMIFRE 6, USR 3135)‎

  • Publisher : Presses de l’Ifpo
  • Series : Cahiers de l’Ifpo | CI 7
  • Place of publication : Beyrouth
  • Year of publication : 2012
  • Published on OpenEdition Books : 23 mai 2013
  • EAN (Print version) : 9782351591994
  • Electronic EAN : 9782351593417
  • DOI : 10.4000/books.ifpo.2838
  • Number of pages : 198 p.

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