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De la mesure à la norme : les indicateurs du développement

Philippe Bourmaud

Objectifs et priorités

Fighting Poverty: « Making up» a New Society around the Use of Human Development in Jordan.

Françoise de Bel-Air

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Extrait du texte

Statistics are the « state’s science » (Desrosières 2000). Indeed, Foucault and his followers illustrated how, throughout history, defining, classifying, measuring, and counting served the purposes of political control, taxation, and « policing » for the regimes. Defining or « labeling is [thus] an aspect of public policy […], [a] part of the process of creating social structure » (Wood 1985 : 347–349).

Poverty is a phenomenon of a subjective and controversial nature, rooted into a specific sociological, historical, and political context. Therefore, the processes of defining (constructing) poverty, measuring it, and alleviating it reach out to issues such as wealth distribution, social cohesion patterns, and power structure. Targeting deep into societies’ self-representation schemes and social project, they are intimately bound to politics. Consequently, the overwhelming involvement of international agencies in the field of poverty alleviation deserves attention : a consensual focus ...

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