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Decolonization of French India

Ajit K. Neogy


Appendix III. Prime Minister Nehru’s Letter to Ambassador Daniel Lévi on June Declaration

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1Ministry of External Affairs

2And Commonwealth Relations

3New Delhi.

4Dated the 29th June 1948

5His Excellency the Ambassador of France in India


7I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of letter no. Nil dated 22nd June in which Your Excellency has described the principal features of the declaration made in the National Assembly of the French Republic on the 8th June concerning the future of French Establishments in India.

82. My Government note with satisfaction that the principles embodied in the declaration are in agreement with their own view that the future of the French Establishments in India should be determined at the earliest opportunity in accordance with the freely expressed desires of their inhabitants. They also agree with the provisions mentioned in the last two paragraphs of your letter regarding the functions to be performed by the newly elected Municipal Assemblies.

93. My Government cordially share the French Government’s desire the referendum by which the people of French India are to be consulted should be held in an atmosphere free from passion or hatred and without the application of internal or external pressures.

10With renewed assurances of my higher consideration.

11Jawaharlal Nehru

12Prime Minister & Minister for

13External Affairs & Commonwealth Relations.

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