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Contribution to the History of the Wheeled Vehicle in India

Jean Deloche

Note on the New Edition

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  • 1 Deloche 1983.

1This book is not a mere translation of the French text published in 1983 under the title of Contribution à l’histoire de la voiture en Inde.1 The opportunity has been taken in this revised edition to correct errors and omissions which occurred in the previous one, to incorporate some new material on rock paintings, and to add several photos which have been arranged in a more rational way. The text, particularly Part II on Carriages in Indian Iconography, has been modified: a deeper analysis has been made of the technical units shown in the representations, and new propositions have been concluded from the basis of our argument, particularly on a rudimentary form of suspension adopted in the northern plains.


1 Deloche 1983.

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