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Tamil dalit literature

Translators’ note

David C. Buck et Kannan M.

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1This book is a translation of the personal essays and creative offerings originally written in Tamil that were presented in Kannan M., ed., (2004) Dalit Ilakkiyam: Eṉatu Aṉupavam. Dalit Literature: My Experience. Pondicherry: French Institute of Pondicherry and Coimbatore : Vitiyal.

2Standard scholarly transliteration of Tamil words was used only in the Notes on Contributors and in the Bibliography. In the essays, stories, and poems we have used more popular English spellings of Tamil words in order to facilitate easier reading.

3The views expressed herein are solely those of the respective authors.


(1948) is a translator of Tamil works into English. He works as a community college mathematics professor in Kentucky, USA.

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