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Tamil dalit literature


David C. Buck et Kannan M.

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1We would like to express our gratitude to the authors represented in this volume, each of whom contributed well beyond their essays and literary works, through correspondence of various kinds, and through in-person meetings.

2At the French Institute, our heartfelt and sincere thanks go out to the Director, Professor Vêlayoudom Marimoutou, to the Head of the Department of Indology, Professor Y. Subbarayalu, to Mr. N. Ravichandran for cover design, to Mr. G. Muthusankar for the map, and to Ph.D. fellows Ms. A. Pankajavalli and Ms. S. Prabhavathi for their assistance. We thank Ms. Anurupa Naik, Chief Librarian, for publishing process assistance, as well as Librarians Mr. R. Narenthiran and Mr. K. Ramanujam for their bibliographical assistance, and Mr. G. Jayabalan for proofreading. We also thank Prof. François Gros for his encouragement and support.

3In the United States, our heartfelt and sincere thanks go out to the President of Elizabethtown Community and Technical College in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, Dr. Thelma J. White, as well as to former Provost Dr. Linda Thomas-Glover and current Provost Dr. Cynthia Cone, to Physical Sciences Division Chair Linda Howard, and also to the North Central Education Foundation and its President Mr. Al Rider. This project was partly funded by a Peden Trust grant administered by North Central Education Foundation.

4We also thank our numerous friends and relatives who have read, re-read, and commented on various drafts along the way, including particularly Pem Davidson Buck and Naomi Buck Palagi.


(1948) is a translator of Tamil works into English. He works as a community college mathematics professor in Kentucky, USA.

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