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Calcutta 1981

Jean Racine

The Seminar Participants

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The sessions chairmen

1Shri Prasanta Kumar Sur (Inaugural Session): Twice Mayor of Calcutta. Since 1977, Minister for Local Government and Urban Development, Government of West Bengal.

2Dr. Hiten Bhaya: Formerly Chairman, Hindustan Steel Ltd. Director of the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, till 1982. Member, Planning Commission, New Delhi.

3Prof. Asok Mitra: Formerly Registrar General of India, (1958-1968) and Secretary, Planning Commission, India (1969-1973). Presently Honorary Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, and Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta.

4Prof. Barun De: Director, till 1983, and Professor of History, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta. Honorary Director, Eastern Regional Centre, Indian Council for Social Sciences Research.

5Prof. Bhabatosh Dutta: Professor Emeritus of Economics, Presidency College, Calcutta. Formerly Chief of the South Asia Division, International Monetary Fund. Member, Finance Commission and Member, Central Board of Directors, Reserve Bank of India.

The contributors

6Dr. Alok Banerjee: Urban sociologist. Was in 1979 Officer on Special Duty, West Bengal District Gazetteers Unit, Calcutta. Presently Officer, Development and Planning Department, Government of West Bengal, Calcutta.

7Prof. Bireswar Banerjee: Professor and formerly Head of the Department of Geography, Calcutta University.

8Dr. (Mrs.) Nirmala Banerjee: Formerly attached to the Calcutta Metropolitan Planning Organization. Since 1973 Fellow in Economics, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta.

9Prof. S.K. Bhattacharya: Professor and formerly Head of the Department of Economics, then Vice-Chancellor, Calcutta University.

10Prof. S.K. Chaube: Was in 1979 Research Fellow in Political Science, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta. Presently Professor of Indian Politics, University of Delhi.

11Shri S.P. Das Gupta: Director of the National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organization, Government of India, Calcutta, till 1983.

12The late Shri M.G. Kutty, IAS: Formerly Commissioner of Calcutta Corporation. Was in 1979 Finance Secretary, Government of West Bengal. Later on Chief Executive Officer, Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority.

13Prof. S.K. Munsi: Professor of Geography, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta.

14Dr. Jean Racine: Formerly Director, French Cultural Centre, Calcutta (1977-82). Presently Fellow in Geography, National Centre for Scientific Research, France, and Fellow, Social Sciences Department, French Institute, Pondicheny.

15Fr. Gaston Roberge, SJ.: In Bengal for twenty five years. Director of Chitrabani, Calcutta, a centre for production, research and training in social communication.

16Shri Kalyan Roy: Urban economist. Was Special Officer, Project Appraisal and Evaluation Cell, Directorate of Planning, and presently Deputy Director, Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation, Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority.

17Shri S.K. Roy: Director General, Planning and Development, Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority.

18Shri Sukumar Sinha: Deputy Director, Census Operations Unit, West Bengal.

Other participants in the debates

19Shri S.C. Basu: Was Director of Public Relations, Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority.

20Dr. D. Biswas: Senior Economie Planner, Development and Planning Department, Government of West Bengal, Calcutta.

21Prof. S.C. Chakraborty: Professor of Geography, Regional Development Group, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

22Prof. Biplab Das Gupta: Professor of Economics and Director, Centre for Urban Economics Studies, Calcutta University. Executive Vice-Chairman, West Bengal Comprehensive Area Development Corporation.

23Dr. Sudhendu Mukherjee: Was Deputy Director of Planning, Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority. Authored several studies and reports on Calcutta’s pavement-dwellers and slum-dwellers.

24Dr. Sudhansu Mukherjee: Was Chief Economie Planner, Development and Planning Department, Government of West Bengal. Then Senior Fellow, Netaji Institute of Asian Studies, Calcutta.

25Shri Sivaprasad Samaddar, IAS: Formerly General Manager, West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation and Administrator, Calcutta Corporation. Presently Member, Union Public Service Commission, New Delhi.

26Shri Jai Sen: Architect, Community Planner, a leading member of Unnayan, a group involved in professional action, planning and research with the underprivileged in and around Calcutta.

Contributors, bibliographies and filmography

27Shri H.C. Gupta: Deputy Librarían, National Library, Calcutta.

28Dr. (Mrs.) Subha Dasgupta: Lecturer in Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University, Calcutta.

29Shri Barun Ray: General Secretary, Calcutta Cine Institute.

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