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The legacy of French rule in India (1674-1954)

Animesh Rai

Appendix 2


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Interviews (used directly in the text)

1A Franco-Pondicherrian in Pondicherry, June 2003.

2A Research Scholar of Ecole Française d’Extreme Orient, Pondicherry, June 2003.

3Mr. Albert Rollin, Pondicherry, June 2003.

4Mr. Alain Thomas, Pondicherry, June 2003.

5Mr. Claude Marius, Pondicherry, June 2003.

6Mr. Lourdes Rassa, Pondicherry, July 9, 2003.

7Mr. Stivane, Karaikal, July 12, 2003.

8Mr. Rajen de Sama, Karaikal, July 14, 2003.

9Professor Krishnamurthy, Pondicherry, July 14, 2003.

10Mr. Rafiuddin Mohammed, Yanam, July 16, 2003.

11Mr. Chanta Subba Rao, Yanam, July 16, 2003.

12Mr. Madhyam Shetty Ventana, Yanam, July 16, 2003.

13Mr. Makar, Assistant Curator of the Museum, Chandernagore, July 18, 2003.

14Visit to evening French class, Chandernagore, July 18, 2003.

15Dr. Basant Kumar Das, Chandernagore, July 19, 2003.

16Mr. Nilmuni Kumar, Chandernagore, July 19, 2003.

17Mr. Deva Datta Ray, Chandernagore, July 19, 2003.

18Mr. Mukundan, New Delhi, August 2003.

19Mr. Jean-François Chenin, New Delhi, August 2003.

20Mr. Bichat, a Franco-Pondicherrian, a retraité militaire, Pondicherry, July 2005.

21Mr. Marius, a retired civilian Franco-Pondicherrian, Pondicherry, July 2005.

22Ange, a Créole Franco-Pondicherrian, Pondicherry, July 2005.

23Mr. Pierre Eluard, owner of Satsanga Restaurant, Pondicherry, July 2005.

24Mr. Claude Marius, Pondicherry, July, 2005.

25Mr. Michel Lemaire, Pondicherry, July 2005.

26Dr. Sourindhrin, Pondicherry, July 20, 2005.

27Mr. Jean-Baptiste Pinai, a retraité militaire, Pondicherry, July-August 2005.

28Mr. El Faij, a retraité militaire, Pondicherry, July-August 2005.

29Mr. Amaradesh, a retraité militaire, Pondicherry, July-August 2005.

30A Muslim Franco-Pondicherrian, a retraité militaire, Pondicherry, July-August 2005.

31Mr. Srinivasan, Pondicherry, August 2005.

32Mme Yves Huttin, Pondicherry, August 2005.

Additional Interviews not quoted directly in the text

33Professor Marudanayagam, Director, Institute of Linguistics and culture, Pondicherry, June 2003.

34Jean Claude Bonnan, Head of Social Sciences Section, French Institute of Pondicherry, June 2003.

35Dr. Nallam, President, Historical Society of Pondicherry and Alliance Française and an eminent surgeon, Pondicherry, Summers of 2003, 2004, 2005.

36Mr. Thomas Hughes, Secretary of the Société Mutuelle des Créoles, Pondicherry, Summers of 2003 and 2004.

37Mr. Michel Seguy, Consul General of France, Pondicherry, June 2003.

38Sister Thérèse of St. Joseph’s of Cluny, Pondicherry, June 2003.

39Dr. R. Padmanabhan, Chief Secretary, Government of Pondicherry-Pondicherry, July, 2003.

40Mr. Moustapha, Pondicherry Representative to Conseil Superieur des Français à L’Etranger, Pondicherry, July 2003.

41Mr. Nagarajan, Director, Tourism, Government of Pondicherry, Pondicherry, July 2003.

42Mr. J. P. Spielman, Educational Counselor, Lyçée Français, Pondicherry, July 2003.

43Dr. David Annoussamy, Retired Judge, Pondicherry, July 2003, 2005.

44Mr. André Viozzat, French entrepreneur, Pondicherry, July 2003.

45Professor Paneer Silvam, Professor of French, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry, July 2003.

46Sister Priscilla-Principal of the convent of Cluny, Karaikal, July 2003.

47Ms. Aparajita Bhattacharya, School teacher, Chandernagore, July 2003.

48Mr. André Béteille, Retired Professor of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, New Delhi, August 2003.

49Mr. Jean-Marie Lafont, Professor, Delhi University, New Delhi, July 2003.

50Lt. General (retd.) M. M. Lakhera, Lieutenant Governor of Pondicherry, Pondicherry, July 15, 21, 2005.

51* It should be pointed out that, apart from the names that have been mentioned, the author had countless other interviews on an informal basis with other people who have not been named and which were eventually internalized into his thinking about the subject*

© Institut Français de Pondichéry, 2008

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