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The legacy of French rule in India (1674-1954)

Animesh Rai

Table des matières

Animesh Rai


Edouard Glissant


Les comptoirs de l’Inde

Edouard Glissant


The Comptoirs (trading posts) of India


Acculturation, Creolization, Indianization

Chapter 1. The Beginnings

A special case of colonization: the commercial occupation of Pondicherry

Chapter 2. The Nineteenth Century

Towards “francisation” or back to Indianization?

Chapter 3. The Twentieth Century

Identity and the French patterns

Chapter 4. The Contemporary Period

One language or a multitude?


Acculturation, Creolization or real Indianization?

Appendix 1

Treaty Documents: 1954 De facto Treaty,1956 Cession Treaty, 1963 Supplementary Agreement

Appendix 3

Chronology of Outstanding Events



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