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Water management in rural South India and Sri Lanka

Patrice Cohen
S. Janakarajan


Patrice Cohen et S. Janakarajan

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1These proceedings are part of the efforts of the Indo-French and Sri-Lankan-French cooperation to build-up scientific collaboration on water management. We would like to thank the funding agencies of the Round table which supported its organization and allowed the publication of this book. We are very grateful to the French Embassy in India (New-Delhi) and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have financially supported this seminar and these proceedings. We also are thankful to the French Embassy of Sri Lanka (Colombo) to have supported financially the travel of Dr. D. N. Weerasinghe from Sri Lanka to Pondicherry and thereby making it possible to have exchanges with his Indian and French colleagues.

2We would also like to thank Dr. Denis Depommier, former Director of the French Institute to have promoted initiatives of research and exchanges on water management as a major topic at the French Institute (both for the Departmenst of Social Sciences and of Ecology, as part of these programmes of research). We also thank Dr. Natraj, Director of MIDS to have allowed the collaboration with the MIDS.

3We are very grateful to all the participants who came and communicated very enthusiastically in this seminar.

4We finally warmly thank P. Tiaré, secretary of the Department of Social Sciences, G. Venkatasubramanian and K. Ramanujan (respectively research assistant and librarian) for their help in organising the seminar, and editing this book.

© Institut Français de Pondichéry, 2003

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