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Online publications of the French Institute of Anatolian Studies-Georges-Dumézil (IFEA) are meant to address all of the research fields covered by the institute, namely prehistoric, protohistoric and byzantine archaeology, ottoman history, urban studies, political science and observation of public cultural policies at work in today Turkey.
Thanks to its implantation in the heart of Istanbul, IFEA has become a place of choice for exchange and collaboration between Turkey and France, IFEA aims at perennial access for its publications, both past and future. Though primarily publishing in French and Turkish, the collections are open to other languages.


Forms and institutions of justice

Legal actions in Ottoman contexts

Yavuz Aykan and Işık Tamdoğan (ed.)

The articles forming the present volume aim to contribute to the rich and evolving historiography on the multiplicity of the actors and the institutions of Ottoman legal system. As the title of the volume suggests, “forms” and “institutions” of justice are a common thread in the contributions....

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La Turquie aujourd’hui

Ambiguités turques

La réception des attentats de 2015 en France dans les médias et réseaux sociaux turcs

Jean-François Pérouse, Isabelle Gilles, Anouck Gabriela Côrte-Réal Pinto et al.

Après les différents attentats survenus en France en 2015, au-delà des réactions officielles convenues ou des réactions sincères de certains groupes sociaux et individus, on a pu constater dans l’opinion turque – du sommet de l’État aux milieux les plus modestes – comme une tolérance, si ce n’...

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