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Negotiating Tradition

The Pragmatics of International Deliberations on Cultural Property

Communicative interactions in international negotiations on cultural property not only provide information about the emergence and proliferation of arguments, rhetorics, and registers, but also permit valuable insights into actors' positions, strategies and alliances. They significantly influence local and national practices and views related to cultural property debates. What can be gained from a deep analysis of the communicative patterns and strategies that actors engage in - the entail...

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  • Editore : Göttingen University Press
  • Collana : Göttingen Studies in Cultural Property | 4
  • Luogo di pubblicazione : Göttingen
  • Anno di pubblicazione : 2012
  • Pubblicato su OpenEdition Books : 12 avril 2017
  • EAN (edizione cartacea) : 9783863951009
  • EAN digitale : 9782821875456
  • Numero di pagine : 190 p.

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