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Heritage Regimes and the State

Regina F. Bendix
Aditya Eggert
Arnika Peselmann


Regina F. Bendix, Aditya Eggert et Arnika Peselmann

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1The present volume is the result of two conferences, both focused on the interface of international heritage regimes and their implementation at the state level. One event was held at the University of Göttingen within the framework of the multiyear interdisciplinary research group 772, “The Constitution of Cultural Property,” from June 17–19, 2011, supported with funds from the German Research Foundation (DFG), and also co-organized by the Göttingen Center for Modern Humanities. The other set of papers, focusing on the same overall concerns, was initially presented within the framework of the French–German–Italian trilateral inquiry on the impact of intangible cultural heritage under the title “Institutions, territoires et communautés: perspectives sur le patrimoine culturel immatériel translocal.” Held at Villa Vigoni in Loveno di Menaggio, Italy, from June 30–July 3, 2011, participants were supported by the Maison des Sciences Humaines, the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Villa Vigoni, respectively.

2In addition to our thanks for the financial support which made these meetings and the present publication possible, we also thank the many students who assisted in carrying out the Göttingen event, and the wonderful staff of Villa Vigoni for the luxurious workshop held in Italy. We would like to express our appreciation furthermore to Don Brenneis, Rosemary Coombe and Laurajane Smith who were present as commentators at the Göttingen event and willing to turn their oral comments into written contributions, as well as to Chiara De Cesari, who was not present at either event and was thus capable of offering a concluding, commenting chapter from an outside perspective. A number of individuals participated in the Göttingen conference who are not included in this volume, but whom we would like to thank for enriching the discussion: Peter Hoerz, Karin Klenke, Sven Mißling, Keiko Miura, Thomas Schmitt, Tatiana Bajuk Senčar, Dong Wang, and Andreas Hemming who also assisted in the planning of the conference. Similarly, interventions by Pietro Clemente, Michael di Giovine, Ellen Hertz, Bernardino Palumbo, Marta Severo, Dana Diminescu, and Paola Elisabetta Simeoni enriched the meeting at Villa Vigoni. Dorothy Noyes and Stefan Groth gave valuable comments and support in finalizing this volume. Thanks, furthermore, go to the student assistants Karolin Breda, Malte von der Brelie and Nathalie Knöhr, who assisted with preparing the manuscript for copy editing. Finally, we would like to thank Philip Saunders for his careful final editing of the full manuscript.

3The second revised edition is published due to the fact that one of our authors corrected an essay.

4Göttingen, June 2013

© Göttingen University Press, 2013

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