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Fichte und Schelling: Der Idealismus in der Diskussion. Volume I

Lukas Held
Jean-Christophe Lemaitre
Till Grohmann

II. Systematische Fragen

The Categorical Difference of Beginnings: How Fichte’s Quality and Schelling’s Relation Determine System

Bruce Matthews

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Both Fichte and Schelling laid claim to fulfilling the spirit of Kant’s philosophy. Both saw themselves as pursuing a system of philosophy that revolved around the absolute pull of freedom. Although each advanced different presentations of such systems of philosophy, both Fichte and Schelling were in agreement that the success of their work depended on resolving the riddle of self-consciousness; a riddle whose resolution lay in accounting for the problematic unity of self-consciousness. In brief, each agreed that the reflexive and thus oppositional structure of self-consciousness could only be explained if a convincing account of the common ground that holds this oppositional structure together could be provided; an account that would not only provide unity to the I, but would also generate insight into the absolute status of freedom. Both tackle this challenge by providing what Kant failed to, namely a derivation of the categories which direct their respective systems’ resolution o...

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