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De la terreur à l’extrême violence

Petar Bojanić
Guillaume Sibertin-Blanc

Just Rage: Politics Without Consensus

Diane Enns

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One has such rage, one would drink any blood, drought drives one mad.1

The victim of unjust political rule rightly craves relief from the suffering and dehumanization of tyranny and demands the right to speak and act as a political subject. The longer this right is refused, the greater the victim’s righteous indignation and fury; it festers, and the call for justice may turn into a call for blood, moral outrage and political dissent may turn into bloodlust. Emancipatory politics slides easily into violence, risking the permanent coupling of political dissent and bloodshed; a marriage morally justified, legitimized and reinforced in the name of justice.

My point of departure in this discussion is what I will call two contemporary movements. The first of these is found in the affirmation of conflict or “agonism” in politics by contemporary political theorists. The second is what some are calling “a new era of protest”, sparked in 2011 by the self-immolation of a Tunisian man, spreading ...


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