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La Patagonia habitada

Experiencias, identidades y memorias en los imaginarios artísticos del sur argentino

This book deals with the ways in which Patagonia is imagined by different artistic discourses that take place in its territory: literary, testimonial and historical texts; oral narrations; visual and audiovisual productions; as well as collective creation, dissemination and research agencies.

Heterogeneous, the eleven articles of the volume postulate and transit the region as a discursive framework where different subjects develop their potential for action and enunciation regarding th...

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  • Publisher : Editorial UNRN
  • Series : Aperturas
  • Place of publication : Viedma
  • Year of publication : 2019
  • Published on OpenEdition Books : 21 juin 2019
  • EAN (Print version) : 9789874960092
  • Electronic EAN : 9789874960115
  • DOI : 10.4000/books.eunrn.2742
  • Number of pages : 152 p.
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