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Following the merger of Lyon’s two ENS (Ecole Nationale Supérieure) into a single institution and the foundation within it of the Institut français de l’Education (French Education Institute), the ENS Editions university press publishes works from all over the world, by both French and foreign researchers, which reflect the issues being studied in research centres throughout the School.


La carte et la fable

Stevenson, modèle d’une nouvelle fiction latino-américaine (Bioy Casares, Borges, Cortázar)

Raphaël Luis

The international recognition of Latin American literature during the twentieth century has been interpreted by critics as the result of a Modernist influence, mainly through the reading of James Joyce and William Faulkner. Some Latin American writers, though, pursued other strategies: Bioy Ca...

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Les théories de l’énoncé dans la grammaire générale

Valérie Raby

This book, which falls within the field of the history and epistemology of the language sciences, examines how the utterance has come to be regarded as a relevant level of analysis for linguistic theories.Utterance here is to be understood as a generic term referring to a linguistic sequence p...

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Métamorphoses du livre

Le voyage excentrique

Jeux textuels et paratextuels dans l'anti-récit de voyage, 1760-1850

Susan Pickford

The period 1760-1850 saw the rise and fall of a new sub-genre: eccentric travel writing. A number of anti-travel narratives journeyed round a bedroom, a pocket, or in a zigzag, playing with both the narratological structure and publishing format of mainstream travel writing, particularly by me...

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